Why We Love Cowboys by Jan Scarbrough {Guest Post + Giveaway}

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jan scarbroughAuthor Jan Scarbrough is stopping by the blog today to talk about every woman’s fantasy: the cowboy. After that, you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win an ecopy of Timeless, or a $25 Amazon giftcard!

A technical writer by day, Jan Scarbrough spends her nights writing romance. She is a member of Novelist, Inc. Jan has written for Kensington and ImaJinn Books, and currently has contracts with Turquoise Morning Press and Resplendence Publishing. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and rides American Saddlebred horses for fun and recreation.

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Why we love us some cowboy

Fisting her hand, Mandy pounded on the door. Then she stuck both hands into her pants pockets, knocking her car keys out of the right pocket. She bent down to pick them up.

The door opened and a pair of hand-tooled, black leather cowboy boots stepped into her line of vision.

For an instant, Mandy forgot to breathe, and then her breath came too quickly. Her heart raced. She glanced up. Up past the pointed toes of expensive leather boots, past tight Wranglers, past a big gold belt buckle pressed against a flat belly and a white Western shirt that delineated a broad chest and brawny arms, and into the piercing blue eyes of Judd Romeo.

She tipped her head back, unprepared for what she saw. Time seemed to stand still. Judd shifted his stance and flashed his familiar, bad boy smile. There was a Colin Farrell edginess about him, a sexy untamable quality that welled up from every fiber of his cowboy persona.

“Hello, Mandy,” he said.

At some point in her career, a romance writer will write a cowboy hero. We all love them. But it has to do with more than just their “cowboy good looks,” as I describe in my book Kentucky Cowboy.

In the book Folklore on the American Land, Duncan Emrich makes the point that the cowboy is “a symbol of what we as a people and nation have wished as our way of life. He is a projection of our hopes and desires, a projection of our best code of ethics, of our wished-for mores.”

Americans have always been attracted to cowboys for what they represent: individualism, independence, freedom, courage, loyalty, and much more.

I believe it is as simple as that. If you write a good cowboy, he will have those qualities. He will be a man of his word and a fierce protector of women. He won’t take guff from anybody. You won’t be able to walk all over him. He will stand up for what he believes, and he won’t back down.

Don’t we want that in any man? Our man? And don’t we aspire for that in ourselves?

the busy bibliophile
When Beth Abbott receives a surprise inheritance from her birth mother, she travels to the family’s nineteenth century mansion in Old Louisville, now a bed and breakfast. There she meets the resident ghost, a little girl whose crying scares, but intrigues guests. Beth sets out to discover the identity of the ghost and why she appears happy to Beth, not sad.

Jeff Halstead, a man with several secrets, runs the bed and breakfast. But he’s more than that to Beth, and she feels their connection immediately. A psychic medium who doubts his skills, Jeff slowly uncovers the truth of their past lives. Will he be in time to reveal the identity of Beth’s enemy? Will the love they shared in the past follow them into the future?

the busy bibliophileThanks so much for stopping by today, Jan. You’re right, those are the qualities I look for in a man (fictional or not). If you’d like more information about Jan or her novels, check out the links below:

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    • I have a series set in Montana coming out this spring. My hero is a Professional Bull Rider. Maddie James and I are doing the series together. The first book is called Brody.