Top Ten (Seven) Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we’re to admit our Top Ten Bookish Confessions. I could only come up with 7, though I bet once I start reading everyone else’s posts, I’ll recognize a few more I have…

1. I refuse to break the spine on a book. And I won’t let you borrow my book unless you promise not to do it either.
2. I carry something to read with me literally everywhere, whether it’s my eReader or a dead-tree book. It’s either in my purse or in my hand.
3. When I’m reading, I fall asleep about 80% of the time. Doesn’t matter how interesting the book is or what time of the day it is. I’m always tired.
4. I’m more likely to cry at the ending of a book if I’m reading in bed. Something about being tired, with the lights low and snuggled up in bed makes me more emotional, so more likely to cry.
5. I have a terrible habit of returning library books and books on CD late. I’ll read the book and take a while to write the review. But I want to keep the book in case I need to reference it while writing the review, so I end up returning them late. For the audiobooks, it just takes me a while to download each CD, then I’m like “I’ll wait til I return the books, then I’ll take the CDs back at the same time.” So, I probably spend about $200 per year on library fines. Holy crapola, I can’t believe it’s that much! I didn’t realize it until I did the math. I have to get that habit under control.
6. I don’t dog-ear pages in my books, and I won’t do it in library books either, unless someone else has already done it first.
7. I take much better notes when reading on my eReader than a paper book. The note-taking feature on the eReader is so handy and easy to use.

What about you guys, do you have any of these bookish quirks?

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  1. I just cant dog ear books, even if someone else has done it first. That’s not how I was raised! haha
    I think my book fine would be that much if my mom didnt work at the library and take my fines off :)
    Fun list!

  2. I am the opposite and can’t bear any kind of library fine. I feel like a failure as a librarian when I get them. Great list! Here’s Ours

  3. LOL! I love how you justify dog-earing as OK if someone else did it first. Then again, the book is already ‘ruined’, right? ;-)

    I’m a spine cracker. I hope we can still be friends!

  4. I love how many people are just as terrible at taking books back to the library on time as I am lol ;) I guess we just don’t want to give them back. I always have fines, and I never ever get round to reading the damn things. Im sure I’m almost responsible for keeping the library funded!

    You, ah, may not like one of mine though, given your first confession!

    Here are my bookish confessions :)

    • Of course, I think you might be the only one that’s actually been banned! ;-)

  5. I need to follow your lead and take notes on my kindle. For some reason I don’t think of it while I’m reading, and just jot notes down on paper instead. It’s been interesting to see that more people choose to dog-ear their pages than not. I’m with you though, I’ll use anything for a bookmark instead.
    I feel you about the library- those deadlines sneak up don’t they? And yes definitely to number 2!
    Thanks for sharing your bookish confessions!

    • The best part is when it’s time to write the review, I can cut and paste any quotes or notes I made right into the review. No need to copy handwritten notes or quotes from the book. Fantabulous invention.