Who Covered It Best? The Single Eyeball

In the previous edition of Who Covered It Best?, underwater people was the focus. Imaginary Girls stole the show with On The Fringe trailing behind.

This time we’re looking at book covers that only show 1 eyeball. You would not believe how many book covers out there only have 1 eyeball on them! It took me forever to narrow down my selections, and even then I chose a few more than usual. And let me tell you guys, after days of looking at all those eyeballs, I kind of got the heebie jeebies. So now you get to look at all the eyeballs and pick your favorite. I dare you not to get a little nervous after staring at them for a few minutes…

As usual, I’d love to hear why you voted for the one you did. Also, feel free to suggest any future themes.

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I love to hear your thoughts and read every single one of them.

  1. Hard one! The Fallen Star is purple and pretty but Rot & Ruin is so scary!

  2. I like Blind Spot – the outside of the eye is pretty and I think the rest is probably personal. lol I know the book is about a blind person so the writing on the eye makes sense to me and I have it in my sweaty little hands to read so I get to look at it and pet it. :)

    The ones that stare directly at me creep me out.

  3. I think the one-eyed covers or any cover featuring just eyes are kind of lame. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Most of them are pretty, but most of the time the covers aren’t really “saying” anything to me. I had to give my vote to Rot & Ruin. Between the title and the “make up” on the face, I know exactly what I’m getting myself into. Eden and Blind Spot were close seconds, but the rest seemed pretty generic to me.

  4. I had to go with Eden. The bright blue eye and the gritty face are really striking.