Top Ten Books I Wish I Could Read Again for the First Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the list-crazy peeps at The Broke and the Bookish.  Every week they ask a question and link to everyone’s answers.

This week’s list is the top ten books I wish I could read again for the first time:




1. The Passage by Justin Cronin 

I absolutely love this book.  It’s an extremely long one, but I’ve already re-read it twice.  It’s almost like 2 separate books, with before and during the outbreak, and then years into the future.  It’s scary and full of adventure.  It’s also sweet and hopeful.  The characters are amazing and the writing is superb.  I was left with lots of questions, but I’m content to ponder the possible answers while waiting for the next book in the trilogy.


2. Under the Dome by Stephen King 

Classic Stephen King, this is another long one with great characters.  They all have secrets they want desperately to hide from the others.  It’s hard to do that, though, while trapped in a finite amount of space, where tempers and patience are running short.


3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer 

If you haven’t read this one, you are truly missing out.  Do not go in expecting a Twilight experience, because this is nothing like her more famous published pieces.  This is a unique novel unlike anything else out there (read my gushing review here).  I’ve read it at least 4 times, and I would love to go back and read it fresh.


4. Flat-Out Love

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know how much I love Jessica Park’s novel (here’s the review).  I’ve read it a few times, and I think it would be wonderful to be able to go back and read it for the first time, not knowing the ‘big secrets’ like I do now.  To fall in love with Matt for the first time (check here for that fawning).  To appreciate Celeste anew.  Oh man, I’m going to have to go read it again now.


5. The Hunger Games

After finishing all the books, and hearing all the hype about them and the upcoming movie, I would like to go back and read the first book, just to enjoy the action and the fast pace, without worrying about the sequels or trying to hurry up and finish it.


6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Same as The Hunger Games, I would love to read HP for the first time.  I would imagine their fresh little faces as unknown kids instead of the grown up millionaires they are now.  I would love to be introduced to that world for the very first time, and watch as they grow up.


7. Anna and the French Kiss

I think I was kind of rushing through this one, because I wanted to finish it so I could get the review up (I’m in the infant, post as much as possible stage of bloggerhood).  I enjoyed it immensely, but I wish I could do it all over again and really slow down and enjoy the ride.


8. Perfect Chemistry

2 words: Alex Fuentes.


That’s all I can think of right now.  I know when I start reading every one else’s answers, I’ll remember a bunch more I should have said, but oh well.  How about you, do you feel the same way about any of these?

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I love to hear your thoughts and read every single one of them.

  1. I strongly debated putting “Under the Dome” on my list for much the same reasons. I loved that book; but I was glad when I’d finally finished it.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      It was a hard one to get through, but I really enjoyed it.

  2. The Host! I can’t believe I didn’t include that on my list >_< It really is suuuch a great story and I'm always sad when I hear people say they don't want to read it because they didn't enjoy Twilight. It's a shame and they are missing out!

    The Passage and Under the Dome are two titles that have been on my to-read list FOREVER. Hopefully I'll find some time to read them soon because they sound so interesting.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      I just loved The Host, and I agree, it’s not getting the love it deserves because it is overshadowed by it’s older cousins.

      I highly recommend you read The Passage immediately, and keep the Dome on your list.

  3. Oooh Perfect Chemistry is a good one – but I think Carlos was my favourite brother!!
    And I enjoyed The Host as well. Which reminds me that a friends cousin stole my copy and I must get it back…

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      You know, I am putting off reading the other 2 in the series because I don’t want it to end! I’m going to drag it out as long as possible.

  4. The Passage and The Host are both on my to-read list. Glad to know they’re worthy of being reread! Great choices!

    New follower :)

    My Top Ten List

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      I would put those 2 at the top of any tbr list. Seriously, get on those!

  5. I really should read the host. Everyone’s been saying it’s a really good book.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Yes, you should! Really, it’s amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  6. My ten books I would like to read for the first time again are.

    Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati
    The Midwife by Gay Courter
    Morgan’s Run by Colleen McCoullough
    Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
    The Help by Kahtryn Stockett
    Follow the River by James Alexander Thom
    Virgin River by Robyn Carr
    Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber
    Fear teh Worst by Linwood Barclay

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      I’ve only heard of a few of those, but haven’t read any! It’s good to know they are worth a re-read.

  7. New Follower. I completely agree about The Host, it is a unique book all its own that has a really great story. How was Under the Dome? I still have to read it. Thanks for visiting my blog. =]

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Under the Dome was long and intense. I felt almost relieved after it was over, but I think that’s just the sign of a really well-written book. I was so engrossed in it that I couldn’t relax while reading it.

  8. I have had The Host sitting on my bookshelf for some time not, but haven’t ever read it… Maybe I’ll check it out soon!

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Jen, you must read The Host! Just don’t expect vampires or swooning like her other books. Really, go in with an open mind and I think it’s pretty impossible not to love it.

  9. hmm tough question! All I can think of at the moment are Room by Emma Donoghue and One Day by David Nicholls. Oh and my favourite book at the moment – 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Blue Bear.

    I loved The Host too. I actually read it first because I wanted to get a sense of her writing before reading the Twilight books. And yes, definitely a hell of a lot different to the Twilight ones. If I hadn’t read the Host before Twilight, I don’t think I would’ve bothered picking it up!

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Room has been on my tbr for some time, so I’m glad you think it’s worth a re-read.

      I really think The Host is not getting the chance it deserves because people are afraid it will be another twinkly vampire story.

  10. You have an awesome list here! I loved The Passage too, I’m hoping to fit in a re-read before the release of the next one… The Hunger Games made my list and I really love Anna & the French Kiss and Perfect Chemistry as well.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Yes, I want to re-read The Passage before the next one, but you have to really set aside some time for that one!

  11. I love your list!! Perfect Chemistry made it to my top ten books I want to re-read again too! I think Twilight and Harrypotter is almost on everyone’ list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Yeah, I saw HP on almost every single list (and Hunger Games was up there, too!).

  12. Interesting list! I have had The Hunger Games sitting on my shelf for a looong while- so much hype about it that it’s kind of nuts. But, seeing it on your list gives me some impetus to really try it. Thanks for stopping by my post this week and commenting :)

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      Michelle, I think if you try to ignore all the hype and hoola surrounding Hunger Games and just enjoy the ride, you’ll like them much better.

  13. I’m super interested in reading the Host, but I wasn’t sure because I am not really a Twilight fan.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      The Host is NOTHING like Twilight. Just give it a chance and you’ll love it.

  14. Ohhh, Perfect Chemistry was sooo good! Now that you mention it I do wish I could re-read The Host. I read it right after devouring Twilight and it was so different I was a little let down but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I waited awhile and went in with different expectations.

    • thebusybibliophile says:

      I think you need to re-read The Host and block out all that Twilight mumbo jumbo!

  15. Very good choices at the end of your list.

  16. I have only read Anna, HP and HG and I totally agree about the first 2. I wasn’t too crazy about THG


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